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What's Happening at Design?

Colllege Applications Due November 30, 2019


ASB in B204 @ 8:00AM

Junior Class Meets in B217 @noon

Senior Class Meeting in Atkins' room @noon

Dance Royals in LaPlaca's room @2:30

Video Media @2:30 in B217

Leadership @2:30 in B217


BSU @ noon in B137

Teacher's meeting 2:30-4:30


Asian Club @noon in B217

MECHA Club @noon in Guidance Room

Prom Committee @1:30 in B204

Dance Royals in LaPlaca's room @2:30

Leadership @2:30 in B217

Esports @4:00PM in B217

Celebrate World Kindness Day Every Day


Creative Club @noon in B215

Chess Club @noon in Atkins' room

Class of 2023 @noon in Science Room

Class of 2022 @noon in Science Room


GSA @noon in B215

History Club @noon in Mr. V's room

MECHA @noon in Guidance Room

Mathletes @noon in Atkins' room

CSF @noon in Guidance Room

Gameboards and More on south patio at 1:00

Dance Royals in LaPlaca's room at 2:30

Video Media @2:30 in B217

Debate Club in B204 at 2:30



Leaders in Education

As one of the premier magnet high schools in California, we attribute our reputation to the success of our graduates.  Our students have a 100% graduation rate and 100% are accepted into four-year universities.  Our dual-enrollment graduates earn 40-60 colleges credits at our partner school, Fresno City College, all while maintaining high grades and attending high school. Design Science is a nationally ranked Gold Ribbon School, Educational Results Honor Roll School, California Department of Education Academic Achievement School and STEM Honor Roll recipient.

In the Class of 2019, more than half of the graduates graduated with honors and one third of our graduates graduated from Fresno City College with honors.

Entry is by lottery and our only requirement is that you are willing and ready to step into your future success today.

The best school ever. The people I've met at this school are some of the best people I've ever known. teachers are amazing (I LOVE Mrs. Cat!!) and the rest of the staff truly care for each individual student. sure, the work load is heavy but when you think about the opportunities this school brings overall, everything is worth it.

Caya West